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Fit for Future

Fit for Future

In recent weeks you will have noticed some announcements on the website relating to a new group whose role will be to

  • Conduct a thorough review of the current operation of the Association especially in the areas of recruitment and Training and Development

  • Develop ideas and proposals as to how the EBUA can move forward to deliver outstanding service for our members and stakeholders

  • To take inspiration from Officiating and Sports Associations in different countries

  • To devise a working Development Plan that will ensure a sustainable future and promote excellence in Lawn Bowls officiating

As you will have seen Allan Thornhill has been co-opted on to the EBUA Executive as Development Officer. Allan, together with the Fit for Future team have commenced a thorough review of processes and procedures.

The Fit for Future sub group met by Zoom recently and it's clear that there is a wide range of topics to be investigated.

Markers Awareness Courses (MACs)

It is apparent that there is a lack of clarity on who is running these courses and we are in the somewhat embarrassing position that we do not know for sure who is appointed to run these. With the Fit for Future review it's time to reflect on the main objectives for holding MACs and start afresh. We believe MACs are an essential recruitment tool and we all recognise the need for additional match officials. We are asking all experienced umpires of National grade and above to consider whether they are prepared to assist the Association by registering their interest in being a MAC trainer. We aim to establish a published list of trainers across each of the Areas to ensure we can develop the resources to meet the needs of local club players who find these events very interesting and informative. In addition to raising the standard of marking at local level we may also attract some new members (as markers or umpires) . The time commitment, delivery methods and locations for these courses will be developed as part of the review.

Marker assessors and mentors.

Discussion within the Executive has identified that there are new marker members across the country who, for various reasons, have not been assessed. One of the reasons is the lack of identity and numbers of Marker Assessors. Again, there is a lack of clarity on who these personnel are and the process for linking up new members with Assessors and mentors. Being a marker Assessor is not an oneros role and requires constructive observational skills and the ability to fill in a proforma assessment sheet rather than any physical abilities. Sound knowledge of the basic marking principles as set out in the Associations’ Home Study Manual is essential for this role. We are asking all experienced umpires of National grade and above and Level 3 markers to consider whether they are prepared to assist the Association by registering their interest in being a marker Assessor. Perhaps if you are currently inactive you could consider whether this may be role that would enable you to retain an involvement in the game. Again, the processes are a little unclear for mentoring, assessing and progression for Markers and this will be developed in the coming weeks.

Let's start a new chapter and please let us know if you would be prepared to be considered for MAC trainer and/or marker Assessor. It's early days but with Allan's experience and expertise we are confident we should be able to get a comprehensive network of Trainers and Assessors across the country.

We very much look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will be able to assist in supporting new members.

EBUA Executive – Fit for Future group



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