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How to become a Marker

Markers in Singles matches are a crucial match official. Marking is an “Art” and like all other arts will take time to master. A good Marker will make a game whilst a bad Marker can ruin a game. Want to learn more? Want to get a better understand of the Laws of the Sport and the art of marking?

Why not attend one of our fun, interactive Markers Courses at a club near you.

Markers courses are run locally and are both the first stepping stone for a club member to learn more about marking as well as part of the development of new and existing umpires. The course is designed to cater for everyone who has an interest in improving their marking skills and those that are working their way through the Umpires Training & Development Programme.

The course and its Marking principles are based on the EBUA Officiating Manual and the EBUA Video.

On the course you will learn about:

  • the basic laws of the sport applicable to marking in a fun interactive quiz environment

  • The use of markers equipment during a series of on-green exercises

  • Interactive tips and tricks for practical marking and time management.


After attending a course you will receive a certificate of attendance and you

may go ahead and practice what you have learnt at your local clubs. If you

want to take things further, you may join the EBUA and become a Level 1 Marker.

A mentor will be appointed to assist you through your journey of development

and the opportunity to progress to Regional Marker and National Marker. You also

have the opportunity to undertake the Umpire Training programme if you wish.

Check the Calendar of upcoming courses in your area or if you would like your

club to host a course  then please contact us

If you have attended a Markers Course and would like to know what the next steps

are and to become a member of the EBUA please apply using the membership

application form below:

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