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How to become an Umpire

As with all sports, Bowls requires match officials to assist players with upholding the Laws of the Sport and deciding the shots scored when required. But there is a lot more to Umpiring than that.

Many of our members have been fortunate to reach the very highest pinnacles during their umpiring careers – Commonwealth Games, World Championships, National and International Championships. Would you like to embark on that journey or simply have a better understanding of the Laws of the Sport to help in your club competitions? Then why not join us and attend our friendly and interactive training Workshops.

There are three grades of EBUA Umpire; Regional, National and International.

Your starting point will be training as a Regional Umpire and will require

completion of a Laws of the Sport Workbook, attendance of a practical workshop

and finally an assessment. You will receive access to our excellent Officiating

Manual and training videos to help you along the way. Your future development

will be by experience and working assessments together with attendance of

upgrade workshops and assessments.

Join us on a journey of fulfilment and apply today to undertake the first stages

of training as an EBUA Umpire. Complete the application form below and you will

shortly receive your welcome pack. You will find the upcoming workshops on our

Umpire Training Calendar

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